About us

The Building Appeals Board (BAB) is an independent statutory body established under the Building Act 1993. The BAB makes determinations about building control matters and seeks the best possible outcomes for the Victorian building industry and the community as a whole, in accordance with the Act.

The BAB determines matters relating to the Building Regulations, the Building Code and specified provisions of the Building Act 1993.

Board members include managers, builders, building surveyors, fire safety engineers, quantity surveyors, structural and services engineers, access consultants, architects, town planners, construction lawyers and consumer planners.

Their years of experience can reduce the need for costly legal representation. BAB decisions are made quickly and are final and binding. They cannot be appealed, except to the Supreme Court on matters of law.

The powers and functions of the BAB are largely set out in Part 10 and Schedule 3 of the Act.

You can contact the BAB for more information on 1300 421 082 or registry@buildingappeals.vic.gov.au.