How to commence a proceeding

To commence a proceeding before the Building Appeals Board (Board) you must serve on the Board a completed form along with supporting documentation. There is a prescribed fee also payable.

Find out more about commencing a proceeding with the Board and the prescribed fees by following the links provided below.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be represented when commencing a proceeding before the Board?

It is a matter for you if you wish to appoint a representative. It is not a requirement to be represented if you are a party to a proceeding. If you plan to be represented, please complete the Authority to Act Form (PDF, 156.8 KB) and send it to the registry email. Please ensure all parties and the Board have the correct details of your representative for service of documents and orders.

Are you able to tell me which section to apply under?

The section of the Building Act 1993 (Act) you may apply under are found in Part 10 of that Act. If you are unsure about which section to apply under, please contact the registry by telephone on 1300 421 082 or send an email to the registry email.