Dispute applications

If you are involved in a dispute about a building or building work, you may be able to have the matter heard by the Building Appeals Board (BAB) under Part 10 of the Building Act 1993. The BAB can hear disputes regarding:

  • inspections by a building surveyor
  • protection works and disputes between owners and adjoining owners (including emergency protection work, insurance, surveys of adjoining property, cost of supervising protection work and compensation)
  • the building permit levy
  • the Building Regulations 2018
  • party walls
  • Part 14 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (caravan parks and movable dwellings) or its regulations

You can apply to have your dispute heard by the BAB if you are:

  • the owner of the building or land
  • the person carrying out the building work
  • the relevant building surveyor
  • an adjoining owner where protection works have been carried out

The Victorian Building Authority may also lodge a dispute with the BAB.

What to submit to the BAB

As part of your application you must submit:

  1. the completed BAB Application form - Dispute (PDF, 451.4 KB)
  2. a detailed written submission outlining your dispute's:
    • nature - the section of the Act you're applying under
    • grounds - the reason for your application
    • relief - your desired outcome
  3. the application fee. Visit our Forms & Fees page to find out how much your application will cost

Providing sufficient evidence with your application is very important. You can include drawings, photographs, plans or expert reports.

You must send copies of your initial application and all subsequent correspondence to any other parties in the matter.

Once you've submitted your application

We will send you a letter of acknowledgement upon receipt of your application.

We aim to list your application for hearing within six weeks of us receiving your fully completed application.

Disputes are typically heard on Thursday mornings by a panel of three Board members and are open to the public. Find out what happens during a hearing

You should receive a determination within 16 weeks of submitting a completed application.

Please note that dispute applications cannot be fast tracked.

Where to send your application

By e-mail

In person
Building Appeals Board
Goods Shed North
733 Bourke Street
Docklands, Melbourne

By mail
Building Appeals Board
PO Box 536
Melbourne VIC 3001

Relevant legislation

Building Act 1993 - Sections 150–159

Building Regulations 2018

Building Code of Australia 2016

Residential Tenancies Act 1997 - Part 14