Wye River & Separation Creek bushfire shelters

If you're building a bushfire shelter to enable a reduction of the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating of the dwelling from a BAL FZ to a BAL 40, you must provide:

  1. details of the proposed accredited shelter (Copy of Accreditation Certificate and Manual)
  2. commitment to comply with the conditions of accreditation (other than other variations applied for in modification)
  3. full details of all siting matters not being and the reason for the variation to the siting requirements of the Manual
  4. scaled allotment plans including a contoured survey plan and proposed location of the private bushfire shelter, showing distances from the private bushfire shelter to:
    • the dwelling
    • other existing or proposed buildings on the allotment e.g. garage, sheds etc.
    • any existing trees
    • all boundaries and streets
  5. house plans, elevations, sections, details (including materials/construction)
  6. shelter plan/details
  7. shelter elevations, sections showing land slope and access pathway
  8. details of adjoining allotments including allotment plans, existing conditions indicating the location of existing buildings, the proposed siting of a building to be reconstructed (if known) and BAL rating of adjoining allotments and worst-case reconstructed building
  9. supporting information including details of any proposed radiant heat shielding, expert opinions, including a fire engineering report if available
  10. any other relevant information to conclusively demonstrate why the relevant performance provisions have been met

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